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影视环境合成器 Best Service Elysion KONTAKT

ajin 2019-11-6 11:40 1635人围观 管弦乐音源

大小:12.65 GB

Ensemble Engine based Scoring Tool - Massive Hybrid Twin to The Orchestra

What is future? How does your universe sound? What does infinity mean?

Elysion is our big answer for big questions! A huge and incredibly fast scoring tool, perfectionated to fill the space with inspiration. Score the future and experience the infinite sound cosmos, Elysion unfolds just on a fingertip.

Elysion is built on handcrafted processed and synthesized sounds, treated like acoustic instruments

Elysion sets a high level for hybrid composing: incredibly simple and outrageously beautiful.

Elysion is the massive hybrid twin to The Orchestra

Elysion contains 142 playable instruments and over 230 complex animated themes.

Crossgrade Available: For owners of "The Orchestra", "String of Winter" or "The Orchestra Complete"!

Built on Handcrafted, Synthesized Sounds bursting of Expression and Variety

As the first one able to catch the incredible dynamic and lively character of synthetic instruments, Elysion redefines sampling. We recorded, sampled and produced our synthesized future-sounds, treating them like acoustic instruments. This results in an unimaginable dynamic and unprecedented sound. Integrated into our pathbreaking ensemble engine, Elysion forms the new massive hybrid twin to The Orchestra.

A Whole New Experience

Elysion is made to expand the range of our flagship The Orchestra into and beyond the digital era. Together, they set a new level of hybrid composing: incredibly simple and outrageously beautiful.

Experience the simplicity of 142 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments.

Experience the infinite depth of over 12.500 samples, all carefully recorded, handcrafted and layered with up to 5 velocity layers.

Experience the flexibility of over 230 complex animated and fully customizable themes.

Elysion GUI Banner 2

Score the Future with our Familiar User Interface

User Interface is the advanced progression of the highly-acclaimed UI from THE ORCHESTRA. The most essential controls are easily and quickly accessible to keep you focused on your creative scoring.

Powerful Features - Supernatural Workflow

Elysion brings numerous new functionalities to our critically acclaimed ensemble technology.

Samples Synthesized Instruments - Up to 3 Round Robins and 5 Velocity Layers deepen the dynamic of our carefully handcrafted synthesized instruments, providing an extreme expressiveness: Every layer is carefully designed to correspond and even outdo to the immense liveliness of real instruments in timbre, impact and intensity.

Ensemble Engine 2.0 - For Elysion we reworked our critically acclaimed ensemble engine, which lets you play and customize up to five instrument modules simultaneously. Within every module you are now free to control it via envelope or arpeggiator. You can now even morph between two Layers in both the Arpeggiator and the Envelope, which lets you control up to 10 interleaved rhythms within one patch. An additional stutter feature enriches the possibilities of our Envelope even more and lets you create extremely complex rhythms by only using sustained instruments.

Motion Engine - Elysion comes with its own unique dynamic FX engine. It allows to customize the instruments fundamentally, steering e.g. attack or decay via Midi CC. Besides other FX the Motion Engine includes also two Pan Steppers, breathing live and variation into every pattern in no time.
Elysion Main GUI

Maximize Your Creativity

Elysion comes well prepared for instant inspiration and composing with 230 complex animated and fully customizable themes for the ensemble engine. Every theme is arranged out of five controllable instruments within our ensemble engine, providing you an enormous influence on the sound.

Shimmering Spheres - Spheres are lively and sustained themes with an enormous dynamic range. Simple keystrokes and chords yield a rich futuristic ensemble sound, each one with a different interpretation of the futures tone.

Powerful Pulses - The synthesized pulses contain rhythmical patterns, providing an extremely large range of different timbres and styles. From simple and incredibly useful rhythms to inspirations completely out of the box.

Animated Themes - The animated synthesized themes go even further and create complex and diverse ensemble rhythms from any played note. This is where the future starts!

Export Your Custom Performance with MIDI Drag’n’Drop

Once you have been inspired by a theme, drag and drop the arrangement of your performance to your DAW. Now you are free to use it within every library you own. Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template, change notes, combine different patterns and make them your own. Experience the incredible efficiency of Elysion and The Orchestra merging together within your DAW

Key Features

Sampled Synthesized Instruments, containing up to 3 Round Robins and 5 Velocity Layers
Refined Ensemble Engine 2.0 with new, powerful functionalities
Unique Motion Engine allowing fundamental customizations
Massive hybrid twin of THE ORCHESTRA for a new level of cinematic composing
Over 230 complex animated and fully customizable themes, featuring up to 5 fully controllable instruments
Over 142 instantly playable hybrid organic instruments
12500+ individual samples. All carefully recorded, sampled and handcrafted
MIDI-Export: Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template
"Elysion" was developed for Best Service by Sonuscore / Dynamedion, the makers of The Orchestra, Trinity Drums as well as NI Action Strings, Action Strikes and Emotive Strings.

DynamedionDynamedion was founded in 2000 by Tilman Sillescu and Pierre Langer, two composers with university degrees in music. With a steadily increasing number of contracts and growing customer base it has since become a leader in soundtrack composition and sound design on the European computer game market. In 2005 Dynamedion produced highly successful, first benchmark live orchestra recordings for a German game soundtrack, setting the standard for large-scale projects in the industry. With numerous further productions for the video game industry, Dynamedion has earned itself a reputation for unsurpassed quality and integrity in this area.

Elysion works with NI Kontakt and Free Kontakt Player Version 6.1.1 and higher!

基于组合引擎的评分工具 - 大规模混合双胞胎到管弦乐队



Elysion 建立在手工制作的加工和合成声音之上,像声学乐器一样处理

Elysion 为混合组合设定了一个很高的水平:难以置信的简单和离谱的美丽。


Elysion 包含 142 种可播放乐器和 230 多个复杂的动画主题。



作为第一个能够捕捉合成仪器令人难以置信的动态和活泼特性的合成仪器,Elysion 重新定义了采样。我们记录、采样和制作了合成的未来声音,像声学乐器一样对待它们。这产生了难以想象的动态和前所未有的声音。Elysion 集成到我们开创性的合奏引擎中,为乐团形成了全新的大规模混合孪生。


Elysion 旨在将我们的旗舰乐团范围扩展到数字时代之外。一起,他们设定了一个新的水平的混合组合:令人难以置信的简单和离谱的美丽。

体验 142 种可立即播放的混合有机乐器的简单性。

体验超过 12500 个样本的无限深度,所有样品都经过精心记录、手工制作,并分层至多 5 个速度层。

体验超过 230 个复杂的动画和完全可自定义的主题的灵活性。

艾利舍格 GUI 横幅 2


用户界面是备受赞誉的 UI 从 ORCHESTRA 的高级进展。最基本的控制是容易和快速访问,让你专注于你的创造性得分。

强大的功能 - 超自然工作流程

Elysion 为我们广受好评的合奏技术带来了许多新功能。

样品合成仪器 - 多达3个圆形罗宾和5个速度层深化我们精心制作的合成仪器的动态,提供一个极端的表达:每一层都经过精心设计,以对应,甚至超过巨大的活力,在音色,冲击和强度的真正仪器。

Ensemble 引擎 2.0 - 对于 Elysion,我们重新设计了广受好评的合奏引擎,可让您同时播放和自定义多达五个乐器模块。在每个模块中,您现在可以自由地通过信封或音高器来控制它。现在,您甚至可以在"音高"和"信封"中的两个图层之间变形,这样您就可以在一个修补程序中控制多达 10 个交错节律。额外的口吃功能更丰富了我们信封的可能性,并允许您只使用持续乐器创建极其复杂的节奏。

运动引擎 - Elysion 配备了自己独特的动态 FX 引擎。它允许从根本上定制仪器,如通过 Midi CC 进行攻击或衰减。除了其他FX,运动引擎还包括两个潘步进,呼吸现场和变化到每一个模式在没有时间。
裂变主 GUI


Elysion 为组合引擎提供了充分准备,为即时灵感和组合提供了 230 个复杂的动画和完全可自定义的主题。每个主题都由我们合奏引擎内的五个可控乐器组成,为您提供对声音的巨大影响。

闪闪发光的球体 - 球体是生动和持续的主题与一个巨大的动态范围。简单的击键和和弦产生丰富的未来合奏声音,每一个与未来的色调有不同的解释。

强大的脉冲 - 合成的脉冲包含有节奏的模式,提供非常广泛的不同音色和样式。从简单和令人难以置信的有用的节奏,到完全开箱即用的灵感。

动画主题 - 动画合成的主题更进一步,从任何播放的音符创建复杂和多样化的合奏节奏。这是未来的起点!

使用 MIDI 拖放导出自定义性能

一旦你受到一个主题的启发,拖放到你的DAW表演的安排。现在,您可以在您拥有的每个库中自由使用它。释放整体引擎的力量到您的个人模板,改变笔记,结合不同的模式,并使它们成为你自己的。体验在 DAW 中合并的 Elysion 和管弦乐团的惊人效率


采样合成仪器,包含多达 3 个圆环和 5 个速度层
精制组合引擎 2.0 具有新的强大功能
ORCHESTRA 的大规模混合孪生体,为电影创作的新水平
超过 230 个复杂的动画和完全可定制的主题,具有多达 5 个完全可控的乐器
超过 142 种可立即播放的混合有机乐器
12500+ 个单独样品。所有仔细记录、取样和手工制作

2000年,蒂尔曼·西列斯库和皮埃尔·兰格创立了迪蒙·迪伊尼翁,两位作曲家拥有音乐大学学位。随着合同数量的稳步增长和客户群的不断增长,它已成为欧洲电脑游戏市场配乐合成和声音设计的领导者。2005 年,Dyinion 为德国游戏配乐制作了非常成功的基准现场管弦乐队录音,为业内大型项目设定了标准。凭借为视频游戏行业制作的大量进一步产品,Dyinion 凭借在这一领域无与伦比的质量和完整性而赢得了声誉。

Elysion 与 NI Kontakt 和免费孔塔克特播放器版本 6.1.1 及更高版本合作!





原作者: ajin
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