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声像调节工具 Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob v1.0.2 PC MAC

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软件格式:VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX/AU x32 x64
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Pan Knob
Pan Knob lets you romp around the stereo field without getting all muddy.

Pan Knob overcomes the limitations of traditional panning schemes with a superior algorithm that centers low frequencies while panning higher frequencies for superior balance and mix translation.

Before you pan this plug-in, ask yourself, “Are my mixes leaning in the headphones even though they sound good in the monitors?” If the answer is “yes,” more than likely, traditional panning controls are the culprit. Variable pan controls were invented to overcome the limitations of L-C-R (left, center, right) panning, and Boz Digital’s Pan Knob was created to overcome the limitations of traditional panners. Since low frequencies pull a mix in their direction, Pan Knob uses a superior algorithm that keeps low frequencies in the center image while panning higher frequencies anywhere you choose in the stereo field. (Low frequencies behave omnidirectionally anyway, so why let them mess up your mix for no musical advantage?) The result is a balanced, harmonically and rhythmically interesting mix that doesn’t favor the bass-heavy instruments.

Pan Knob—Just the Facts:

Superior panning algorithm for all listening formats
Centers low frequencies to maintain left/right balance regardless of higher frequency positioning
Improves mix translation
Selectable pan laws
Switch between balance and pan
Pan anywhere in your signal chain
Pan Knob—Cracking the Code

At its core, panning is an illusion created by a volume balance between two speakers (otherwise known as the phantom image), which changes depending on where your listening position is in relation to them. In headphones, where 87% of all music is currently consumed, the balance negatively changes depending on which instrument has greater low-frequency information.

A recent trend by professional mixers to overcome the psychoacoustic limitations of standard pan controls is to avoid panning altogether. Many have adopted L-C-R (left-center-right) mixing, which was all we had in the ’60s. However, Boz Digital Labs doesn’t believe in fixating on the past as a solution to modern problems. Pan Knob addresses and solves the problems inherent in traditional panners (both hardware and software)by applying some in- and out-of-the-box thinking, plus some clever coding.

If you’ve worked on an analog desk, panning is more or less hit-or-miss. It creates an unstable image, further exacerbated as listener position changes. One complicated solution was precision panning, which used the console’s oscillator to send a signal to two channels and match level meters. That way you could ensure that a harmony placed mid-right channel was psychoacoustically opposite a voice panned mid-left—provided you were using headphones or didn’t stray from the sweet spot between the speakers.

However, precision panning alone is not sufficient to solve all creative issues. For example, when panning background vocals, alto and bass parts sometimes sound better in context of the ensemble when panned wide, and other times when close to the center. The same is true for soprano and alto voices. Figuring out which sounds better is a time suck. One trick that emerged to maintain a balanced vocal blend with traditional panning, was to filter out much of the bottom end to prevent the low frequencies from dominating (as they naturally do) and pulling the ensemble to one side. Of course, that meant thinning out the vocals, which may or may not be desirable in the sonic texture overall mix. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate that compromise? (Funny, that’s what Boz thought too.)

Pan Knob to the rescue

Pan Knob enables you to instantly swap pan positions of instruments, choose between Balance or Pan for stereo tracks, select pan laws, and even pan beyond 100% hard-left or right to mix outside the speakers. Best of all, Pan Knob lets you depart from standard panning schemes while still sounding natural, and doesn’t cause the balance problems common to ear-bud and headphone listening. Pan Knob enables you to experiment with panning without all the tail-chasing and tradeoffs that come with moving instruments and vocals around the stereo field using traditional panners. As an added benefit, Pan Knob speeds up your workflow, which is essential for both professional and aspiring mix engineers.

If you’ve been experiencing a pandemic in your headphone mixes, Pan Knob is the cure. Download Pan Knob now.

Pan Knob 可让您在立体声场地上嬉戏,而不会变得泥泞。

Pan Knob 克服了传统平移方案的局限性,其优越算法将低频居中,同时平移更高频率,实现卓越的平衡和混合平移。

在平移此插件之前,问问自己,"我的混音在耳机中倾斜吗?如果答案是"是",那么传统的平移控制就更有可能成为罪魁祸首。可变平移控制被发明来克服 L-C-R(左、中、右)平移的限制,而 Boz Digital 的平移旋钮被创建,以克服传统平移器的局限性。由于低频向混音方向拉,Pan Knob 使用卓越的算法,可在中心图像中保持低频,同时在立体声场中选择的任何位置平移更高频率。(低频无论如何,无方向地工作,那么为什么让他们为了没有音乐优势而搅乱你的混音呢?其结果是一个平衡的,和谐的和有节奏的有趣的组合,不赞成低音重乐器。

潘旋钮 – 只是事实:

平移旋钮 — 破解代码

在其核心,平移是由两个扬声器之间的音量平衡(也称为幻像图像)创建的错觉,根据您的收听位置相对于它们而变化。在耳机中,目前 87% 的音乐被消耗,根据哪个乐器具有更大的低频信息,平衡会产生负面影响。

专业混合器最近克服标准平移控制的心理声学限制的趋势是完全避免平移。许多人采用了L-C-R(左-中-右)混合,这就是我们在60年代拥有的所有。然而,Boz 数字实验室不相信将过去作为解决现代问题的解决方案。Pan Knob 通过应用一些开箱即用的思维,再加上一些巧妙的编码,解决和解决传统泛盘器(硬件和软件)中固有的问题。


然而,单靠精确平移并不足以解决所有创造性问题。例如,当平移背景人声时,在宽平移时,alto 和低音部分有时在合奏中听起来更好,而当靠近中心时,其他声音更好。女高音和阿尔托语也是如此。找出哪个听起来更好是一个时间糟糕。保持与传统平移平衡的声乐融合的一个技巧是过滤掉大部分底端,以防止低频占据主导地位(就像它们自然那样),并将合奏拉到一侧。当然,这意味着变薄的声乐,这可能是或不可取的声波纹理整体混合。消除这种妥协难道不好吗?(有趣的是,博兹也是这么想的。


Pan Knob 使您能够立即交换乐器的平移位置,在"平衡"或"平移"之间进行立体声轨道选择,选择平移定律,甚至平移超过 100% 的硬左或向右,在扬声器外部混合。最重要的是,Pan Knob 可让您远离标准平移方案,同时听起来仍然自然,不会导致耳塞和耳机聆听常见的平衡问题。Pan Knob 使您能够尝试平移,而无需使用传统平移器在立体声场周围移动乐器和人声附带的所有尾部追逐和权衡。此外,Pan Knob 还加快了您的工作流程,这对于专业和有抱负的混音工程师都至关重要。

如果你的耳机混音中经历了大流行,Pan Knob 就是治疗之药。立即下载潘旋钮。