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管混合控制台 Plugin Alliance & NEOLD - V76U73 v1.0.1 PC/v1.0.0 MAC

ajin 2020-11-17 09:21 25人围观 综合效果包

软件格式:PC,VST/VST3/AAX x86 x64 ; MAC, VST, VST3, AU
大小:54.83 MB


你有没有梦想过拥有自己的六十年代管混合控制台?只需在乐器和总线上尝试 V76U73 的多个实例,即可感受到立即引人注目的老学校氛围,通过轨道构建轨道。


Telefunken V76 是一段传奇的音频历史。这些标志性的管前置放大器的设计得到了德国政府几乎无限的资助,从20世纪50年代到今天,这些音乐作品都得到了无数的提升。


只需通过这些设备运行信号,而无需移动单个旋钮,即可为大约任何信号带来新的生命和尺寸。但是,V76 并不是这个模块系列中色调造型器的唯一动力。U73 压缩机/限制器基于此音色构建,增加了听起来异常流畅的"可变 mu"动态控制,赢得了此工具的绰号"德国费尔柴尔德"。

V76U73 是这两个器件的真实模拟电路的精确仿真,其所有华丽的组件,将这个经典的老式前置放大器和压缩机的美妙管声带到一个易于使用的插件。




V76 前置放大器和 U73 压缩机/限制器的忠实型号
独特的"线性功能",用于捕获 V76 的纹理,无需传统的频段限制频率响应
增加了侧链过滤器、混合旋钮和立体声模式选择器,使 U73 压缩机更加灵活

This plugin is included in our MIXED & MASTER and MEGA Bundle Subscription at no extra cost!

Have you ever dreamt about owning your very own sixties tube mixing console? Just try multiple instances of the V76U73 on your instruments and busses to feel that instantly compelling old school vibe building up track by track.

Capture the old school vibe of one of the richest sounding tube preamps and compressors in audio history.

The Telefunken V76 is a legendary piece of audio history. These iconic tube preamps were designed with nearly unlimited funding from the German government, and have enhanced countless music productions from the 1950s till today.

With a rich, enchanting low end, and some of the smoothest highs you’ll ever hear, it’s no wonder that the original V76 preamps have all been snatched up for top dollar by high-end studios and collectors the world over. 

Simply running signal through these devices without moving a single knob can bring new life and dimension to just about any signal. But the V76 isn’t the only powerhouse of a tonal shaper from this family of modules. The U73 compressor/limiter builds on this tone, adding exceptionally smooth-sounding “variable mu” dynamic control that earned this tool the nickname of the “The German Fairchild.”

The V76U73 is a painstakingly accurate emulation of the real analog circuits of both of these devices, with all their gorgeous components, bringing the wonderful tube sound of this classic vintage preamp and compressor to a single easy-to-use plugin.

While the plugin honors the straightforward simplicity of the original modules, it also provides some features and optimizations that are only possible in plugin form.

With the V76U73, you will be able to enchant your vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and synths with the unique tone and dynamic control of these rare and highly sought-after studio icons.

Designed by Dominik Klaßen, Roger Schult and Reimund Dratwa — the masterminds behind the groundbreaking Phil’s Cascade plugin from elysia — this is the first entry in the new pro audio plugin brand NEOLD, a line devoted to seamlessly bringing the best untapped resources of the analog world into the digital domain.

A faithful model of the V76 preamp and U73 compressor/limiter
Powerful high and low pass filters for broad, musical-sounding shaping
A unique “linear function” to capture the textures of the V76 without its traditional band-limited frequency response
The addition of a side chain filter, mix knob, and stereo mode selector to make the U73 compressor even more flexible
Automatic gain compensation for adding saturation and pleasing harmonics without jumps in level
Incredibly simple operation for immediate results