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Kush 硬件流派插件系列 2015.12.19 PC版

ajin 2020-11-16 09:01 37人围观 综合效果包

Kush UBK-1 v1.2.4 WIN  压缩

I did a master class with Michael Brauer, easily one of the most creative mixers ever to lay hands on a console.  He told me he wanted me to stop thinking of compression as dynamics control and start thinking of it as a form of movement.
UBK-1 is most definitely the result of taking that advice.  I have way too much fun with its squishy mojo, the way it aggressively smacks sounds back into place, making them pump and move like living things.
Not every sound needs to be blown up, so I use the multiple parallel paths for subtle warming and sweetening effects.  The headroom knob lets me adjust every stage's intensity at once, making it enjoyable to experiment with all the colors it has to offer... and the UBK-1 has a lot of colors to offer.
Kush Pusher v.1.0.9 WIN 限制

'It's my modern crunch love bucket,
every knob gets turned to find something new.'
– Tchad Blake
I didn't design Pusher to handle any specific task or fix any specific problem.  I just wanted a plugin that let me texturize sounds by adding unexpected energies and overtones, in a GUI that pretty much forces me to improvise and explore.
I've gotten Pusher to make drums sound like crushing gravel, a direct guitar to sound like a vintage fuzzbox, and a human voice to sound like an alien spectre.  From classic to bizarre, I keep finding new ways to distort sounds with Pusher. 
That said, as often as not I instantiate this plugin just to access the diode limiter and use its distinct snap to get things popping more to the front of the mix while taking less space.  It has the distinctive 'thump' of my favorite hardware diode limiters, and like the UBK-1 it injects a ton of vibe into ordinary sounds.
- 乍得布雷克

Kush Electra-DSP v1.0.2 WIN 过滤器

Not everyone knows this, but the hardware Electra is Kush's best-selling product.  I admit, I wasn't expecting that.
This plugin is the first one modeled by me; the biggest challenge was the midrange filters, they're proportional-Q (like the old API's, but tighter) so the bandwidth changes with gain.  They're so articulate, I can make drums sound like they were tuned and even mic'd differently. 
I know people love brightening things up, and this EQ does that with a buttery smooth precision, but I often use it to reduce highs and make things sound softer, less digital.  This is hands-down my favorite bass eq as well, I turn up 40Hz and get a cinematic weight, clear and tightly defined.
Heads up: Electra DSP uses more CPU than a regular EQ.  When you hear it, I believe you'll understand why that is.
Kush Clariphonic-DSP-MKII v1.0.0 WIN  过滤器

After 3 years of using the original Clariphonic DSP, I'd compiled quite a list of improvements I wanted to make.  So I made them all, and the result is the Clariphonic DSP mkII, modeled from the ground up by me using all new algorithms and filters.
To my ears, the mkII sounds markedly smoother than the original, and it's considerably more powerful in use.  It has 3 modes: classic Stereo, Dual Mono so I can eq each side differently, or Mid-Side for advanced sweetening.
I overhauled the GUI as well, it's a little easier on the eye and a lot easier to use.  Between the smoother sound, the 3 operational modes, and the enhanced interface, I'm more proud of this design than any I've done to date, and that's coming from the guy who recently dropped the Tweaker.
经过3年使用原来的Clariphonic DSP的,我编的改进,我想做出一个相当名单。所以我做了所有这些,其结果是Clariphonic DSP mkII的,使用所有新的算法和过滤器由我地上爬起来建模。





原作者: ajin