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VOX JamVOX v3.02 吉他效果软件 PC/v 3.03 MAC

ajin 2020-11-16 08:52 36人围观 吉他贝斯类效果

JamVOX has been the ultimate performance studio for the guitarist, providing a large selection of sought-after guitar amps and effects, plus the revolutionary GXT function that makes it easy to remove the guitar track from your favorite songs, so that you can jam along in the place of your guitar heroes.
JamVOX has been newly reborn as the "JamVOX III" stand-alone software. Offering dramatically evolved features plus an even more sophisticated GXT function – the new GXT III – JamVOX III provides significantly more precision and operability. There's also an even easier-to-use interface, and a movie recording function, making JamVOX III the ideal choice for enjoyably playing your guitar, learning songs by ear, practicing, or producing music.
Key Features
• Mac or PC compatible Guitar Studio software
• Drag & Drop interface allows quick creation of a customized rig
• 19 Amp models, from vintage to high-gain.
• Virtual Valve Reactor delivers spot-on recreations of the original amp design
• 12 Speaker cabinet models; combine your favorite amp & cabinet
• 57 Effect models accurately emulate the originals
• 18 Pedal type effects (Compressor, Wah, etc.)
• 12 Modulation style effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, etc.)
• 11 Delay effects, including modeled analog tape echo, multi-head delay, etc. • 15 Reverb type effects plus Noise Reduction
• GXT III Guitar XTraktion removes (or isolates) the guitar from nearly any recording; allowing performers to play along in place of their guitar heroes
• Improved full-screen interface
• Access to JamVOX-online.com
• Movie Recording mode for critiquing your own practice sessions
• Plug-in (AU, VST) abilities; 64-Bit native support
• Windows 8 32/64-bit supported
GXT III Enhanced Guitar XTraktion
The Guitar XTracktion feature has been dramatically improved, making it even easier to cancel or isolate a particular track or instrument. This highly-evolved GXT III engine can extensively analyze songs that until now were difficult to work with. The engine has been tuned to obtain a more natural tonal character, and now you can use the JamVOX-Online site to search and download GXT III settings shared by other JamVOX users for a specific song.
Performance Interface
The updated user interface is based on an analysis of the workflow involved in learning songs by ear, practicing, and jam sessions. Also new is the large and easy-to-use full-screen mode, transforming your computer into your own personalized performance studio. The music player shows the waveform of the song, providing a clear, visual indication of the song's development and structure. You can zoom in on the playback position to practice that amazing solo, or set up the repeated playback of the bridge or chorus that you're practicing. JamVOX III provides the performance environment that every guitarist dreams about.
Movie Recording Feature
Using your computer's webcam, the new movie recording feature lets you capture video of your own guitar playing. You can review your own performance with the aim of improving your skills, or upload your performance to a video-sharing site so that guitarists around the world can watch it. The song will start playing automatically when you press the record button for the movie; there's no need to press a separate record button and song playback button. This movie function is designed specifically to aid guitarists in recording their own playing.
JamVox features
Legendary VOX Modeling
Choose from a total of 19 amp models providing the sound of vintage amps such as the VOX AC30 as well as modern high-gain amps; 12 speaker models meticulously reproduce details such as the construction of the speaker and cabinet. These highly-accurate amp models use Virtual Valve Reactor Technology to perfectly simulate everything that affects the sound, right down to the characteristics of the power amp circuitry, to deliver the same response as the original model. The effects section includes 18 standard pedal-type effects such as wah and compressor; 12 modulation-type effects such as chorus, flanger, and tremolo; 11 delay-type effects including some that model analog circuitry such as tape echo and multi-head; 15 types of reverb, plus noise reduction, providing a grand total of 57 premium effects. These real VOX sounds are exactly what you need to perfectly reproduce the sounds of your guitar heroes.
Music Player
The revolutionary "GXT" technology allows you to remove (or extract and emphasize) a specific guitar part from an existing song, so that you can perform along with your favorite band in place of your guitar hero. Unlike the vocal cancelling technology of previous products, GXT III uses the phase and frequency to spatially identify the instrument you specify. The convenient loop playback function lets you listen repeatedly to the section of the song that you're learning or practicing. Additional functions include high-quality tempo change (slow down the tempo without affecting the song's pitch or natural tonality), plus an auto change function that automatically switches your guitar settings at the appropriate point in the song. This music player is optimized to make the most of your JamVOX III performance.
Share custom settings at JamVOX-Online!
Many waves of JamVOX users have shared their guitar settings and GXT settings for specific classic rock songs on the JamVOX-Online site, and the number of JamVOX users worldwide continues to grow by the hour. JamVOX-Online lets you simply press the search button for the song you want to play on the JamVOX III, and instantly obtain the optimal guitar settings and GXT settings for that song. Sign up now as a JamVOX III user, and upload settings for your favorite songs and artists!
Plug-in Support for your DAW software
Legendary VOX amp, cabinet, and effects modeling is now available via plug-in for your song productions. Skilled engineers intimately familiar with the VOX sound have tuned these inimitable plug-ins to faithfully reproduce the sound of vintage amps such as the VOX AC30 and many others. In addition to VST and AU plug-in formats, the latest 64-Bit DAWs are also supported natively.
Purchasing JamVOX III:
You can purchase JamVOX from www.jamvox-online.com

*Current users of JamVOX can update at no charge using the JamVOX software's auto update function or via JamVOX-Online.com.

JamVOX作为“JamVOX III”的独立软件重新诞生。提供了显著的进化特性,加上更复杂的GXT功能——新的GXT III——JamVOX III提供了更精确和可操作性。还有一个更容易使用的界面,还有一个电影录制功能,让JamVOX III成为你喜欢弹吉他、听音乐、练习或制作音乐的理想选择。
•GXT III吉他XTraktion从几乎所有的录音中移除(或隔离)吉他;让表演者和他们的吉他英雄一起演奏
•Windows 8 32 / 64位支持
GXT III增强吉他XTraktion
吉他的XTracktion功能得到了极大的改善,使得取消或隔离特定的轨迹或工具变得更加容易。这个高度进化的GXT III引擎可以广泛地分析直到现在很难处理的歌曲。引擎已经调整,以获得一个更自然的音调字符,现在你可以使用JamVOX - online网站来搜索和下载其他JamVOX用户共享的GXT III设置,以获得特定的歌曲。
更新的用户界面是基于对学习歌曲的工作流程的分析,通过ear,练习,和jam会话。另外,新的是大而容易使用的全屏模式,将你的电脑转换成你自己的个性化的性能工作室。音乐播放器显示了歌曲的波形,为歌曲的发展和结构提供了清晰直观的指示。你可以放大回放的位置来练习那令人惊叹的独奏,或者设置你正在练习的桥梁或合唱的重复回放。JamVOX III提供了每个吉他手梦寐以求的表演环境。
从19个amp模型中选择,提供像VOX AC30和现代高增益amps这样的老式amps的声音;12个扬声器模型精心地再现了扬声器和机柜的结构等细节。这些高度精确的amp模型使用虚拟阀反应器技术,完美地模拟了影响声音的所有东西,就像功率放大器电路的特性一样,可以产生与原始模型相同的响应。效果部分包括:wah、压缩机等18个标准踏板类型效果;12种调制式效果,如合唱、flanger和tremolo;11延迟型效应,包括一些模拟电路,如磁带回波和多头;15种混响,加上降噪,总共提供了57个额外的效果。这些真正的VOX声音正是你需要完美再现你的吉他英雄的声音。
革命性的“GXT”技术允许你从现有的歌曲中移除(或提取并强调)一个特定的吉他部分,这样你就可以和你最喜欢的乐队一起表演你的吉他英雄。与以前产品的声音取消技术不同,GXT III使用相位和频率空间识别你指定的仪器。方便的循环播放功能让你反复听你正在学习或练习的歌曲部分。额外的功能包括高质量的节奏变化(在不影响歌曲的情况下放慢节奏





原作者: ajin