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经典音乐制作软件 Cakewalk SONAR X3e Producer Edition PC版

ajin 2020-4-13 13:20 189人围观 编曲/录音/混音/母带软件


Cakewalk today announced the free SONAR X3e update which will be available on cakewalk.com  later this month. Suitable for all three versions of the SONAR family (X3, X3 Studio, and X3 Producer), this update continues to focus on direct "wish list" feedback from Cakewalk customers.
SONAR X3e is the fifth free update since the X3 launch in September 2013, and features nearly 100 enhancements including improvements to the audio engine, loop recording, ARA (Audio Random Access), comping, and much more.

"The continuing success of SONAR X3 is the result of what has essentially become a partnership with our user base. Their suggestions for enhancements have not only provided detailed, intelligent feedback, but inspired us to continue building on SONAR X3's stability and functionality" said Cakewalk Product Manager Bill Jackson. "We are happy to release such a comprehensive list of enhancements to our loyal user base."
About SONAR X3

The SONAR X3 family comprises SONAR X3 ($99); SONAR X3 Studio ($199), targeted to advanced home and project studios; and SONAR X3 Producer ($499), designed to meet the demands of professionals who require a program with the versatility to handle any kind of project.

Registered Cakewalk customers can download their SONAR X3e update directly from www.cakewalk.com. Visit the Cakewalk website to get complete version details and localized pricing/availability options from their distribution partners.

Cakewalk今天宣布推出免费的SONAR X3e更新,该更新将在本月晚些时候在cakewalk.com上发布。适用于SONAR系列的所有三个版本(X3,X3 Studio和X3 Producer),此更新继续关注来自Cakewalk客户的直接“愿望清单”反馈。

SONAR X3e是自2013年9月X3发布以来的第五次免费升级,其功能包括音频引擎,循环录制,ARA(音频随机存取),编辑等方面的近100项增强功能。
“SONAR X3的持续成功是与我们的用户基本成为伙伴关系的结果,他们对增强的建议不仅提供了详细的,智能的反馈,而且激励我们继续建立在SONAR X3的稳定性和功能上。”Cakewalk产品经理Bill Jackson。 “我们很高兴为我们的忠实用户群发布如此全面的增强列表。”


SONAR X3系列包括SONAR X3($ 99);声纳X3工作室(199美元),针对先进的家庭和项目工作室;和SONAR X3 Producer(499美元),旨在满足专业人士的需求,这些专业人士需要一个具有多功能性的程序来处理任何类型的项目。

注册的Cakewalk客户可以直接从www.cakewalk.com下载他们的SONAR X3e更新。访问Cakewalk网站,从其分销合作伙伴获取完整的版本详细信息和本地化定价/可用性选项。





原作者: ajin
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