音频编辑母带处理Steinberg WaveLab Elements v9.1.0 PC版

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WaveLab Elements 9
WaveLab Elements is an audio editing and mastering software, perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the WaveLab Elements highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

New features in WaveLab Elements 9

Revolutionary new user interface allowing for an incomparably fast and convenient workflow
MasterRig plug-in suite including 5 plug-in modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager
Innovative windows docking system that allows for a flexible and easy window handling
New, redesigned master section with up to 5 effect slots
High-quality SoX-based Resampler for resampled playback and rendering
Automatic error correction tools for removing unwanted noise
Direct exchange of audio files with Cubase and Nuendo*
Extended file compatibility including AAC and MP3 read and write support
Improved plug-in search function
New startup dialog

WaveLab Elements at a glance

Creative audio refinement

With three stereo tracks, numerous editing tools and support for many different file formats, WaveLab Elements is the ideal choice for radio journalists as well as for simple mastering and audio editing tasks. Simply cut out unwanted noise, crossfade between takes or enhance the clarity of speech recordings using clip- or track-based effects. WaveLab Elements provides a streamlined user interface that allows for a fast and convenient workflow. The single-window interface contains a central tab area, incorporating the most often used functions and the waveform display. Working with WaveLab Elements has never been easier and more creative!

MasterRig – and more quality effects

WaveLab Elements offers more than 25 studio-grade effect plug-ins that allow you to increase the quality of your audio material or to change its character. Add some punch with the Tube Compressor and Brickwall Limiter, and adjust the pitch and tempo of your recordings. Get your tracks radio-ready by using WaveLab Elements’ MasterRig, a mastering plug-in suite derived from the professional WaveLab Pro version. MasterRig consists of 5 modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager which can be easily arranged to create an individual high-class audio effect-chain.

Analyze your audio material

With the global analysis you can detect peaks, errors, the pitch or bit depth of your recorded files. If that's not enough, the 3D spectrum analysis and the included real-time analyzing tools, Spectroscope, Oscilloscope and VU metering, provide detailed feedback on your audio's quality — and help you achieve professional results.

Repair impaired recordings

WaveLab Elements highlights premium restoration tools, including the DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker VST 3 plug-ins by Sonnox. With this advanced suite you can remove any kind of unwanted noise, clicks, crackles or hum fast and effectively. Restore old vinyl and tape recordings, fine-tune the recording of your band's last gig or get rid of environmental noise — it's up to you.

Work like a pro

The time-saving batch conversion functions allow you to convert a large number of audio files in one go. And thanks to the metadata support you can add the artist's name, pictures, copyright, date and more to your files. Plus, the single-window plug-in management or the auto-replay option are valuable improvements for multiplying your productivity. In addition, WaveLab Elements provides a seamless and direct exchange of audio material with Cubase and Nuendo* allowing you to create a powerful mix and mastering chain.

*Cubase 8.5.10 or newer and future Nuendo versions (to be announced)

Master your tracks

CD mastering is more than just increasing the loudness of music tracks and putting these into the right order. That's why WaveLab Elements includes an intuitive burning engine, allowing you to create truly professional audio CDs. Thanks to the thought-out marker management you can accurately define the start and end points or adjust the breaks to your taste.

WaveLab Elements是一种音频编辑和母带制作软件,完美地适合爱好音乐家,电台自由职业者和家庭影音业主。基于经过批准的WaveLab Pro主控解决方案,WaveLab元件突出了经过验证的编辑和分析工具,一个有价值的恢复和母带插件选择,一个CD刻录引擎和更多 - 可以通过直观的用户界面访问。

WaveLab Elements 9中的新功能




WaveLab Elements具有三个立体声轨道,多种编辑工具和许多不同的文件格式支持,是无线电记者以及简单的母带和音频编辑任务的理想选择。简单地删除不需要的噪音,交叉淡化之间或使用剪辑或轨道的效果提高语音录音的清晰度。 WaveLab Elements提供了一个简化的用户界面,可以实现快速方便的工作流程。单窗口界面包含一个中央选项卡区域,包含最常用的功能和波形显示。使用WaveLab Elements从未如此简单,更有创意!


WaveLab Elements提供超过25个工作室级效果插件,可让您提高音频素材的质量或改变其角色。使用Tube Compressor和Brickwall Limiter添加一些打孔,并调整录音的音高和速度。通过使用WaveLab Elements的MasterRig,即专业的WaveLab Pro版本中提供的主控插件套件,让您的轨道无线电准备就绪。 MasterRig包括5个模块:EQ,Compressor,Limiter,饱和器和成像器,可轻松安排创建一个单独的高级音频效果链。




WaveLab Elements强调了高级恢复工具,包括Sonnox的DeNoiser,DeBuzzer和DeClicker VST 3插件。使用这个高级套件,您可以快速有效地消除任何类型的不必要的噪音,点击,爆裂或嗡嗡声。恢复旧的乙烯基和磁带录音,微调乐队最后一场演出的录音或摆脱环境噪音 - 这取决于你。


节省时间的批量转换功能可让您一次转换大量音频文件。感谢元数据支持,您可以将艺术家的名字,图片,版权,日期等添加到您的文件中。此外,单窗口插件管理或自动重播选项是增加您的生产力的有价值的改进。此外,WaveLab Elements可以与Cubase和Nuendo *进行无缝直接的音频素材交换,从而可以创建强大的混音和母带链。

* Cubase 8.5.10或更新版和未来版Nuendo版(待公布)


CD母带不仅仅是增加音轨的响度,而且将它们放在正确的顺序上。这就是为什么WaveLab Elements包含一个直观的刻录引擎,允许您创建真正专业的音频CD。由于思考的标记管理,您可以准确定义起点和终点,或根据您的口味调整休息时间。

音频编辑母带处理Steinberg WaveLab Elements v9.1.0 PC版