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环绕声混音控制 NuGen Audio Halo Upmix v1.5.0.10 PC

2020-10-14 09:46| 发布者: ajin| 查看: 19| 评论: 0|原作者: ajin

软件格式:VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX x86 x64
大小:5.2 mb

Full control, intuitive ease
From naturally extracted and expanded soundscapes to full cinematic big-stage enhancement, Halo Upmix delivers all the control you need to fine-tune your surround mix to perfection. With unique centre channel management, including switchable dialog extraction, Halo Upmix is perfect for all types of production from archive restoration and TV through to the full 7.1 feature film experience.

An optional 3D extension adds Dolby Atmos bed track (7.1.2) and Auro 3D (7.1.4) compatibility, and Ambisonic outputs.

The Halo Upmix algorithms produce a natural, coherent spatial upmix, preserving the character of the original audio without adding any artificial reverb, chorus or delays.

With the 'Exact' control engaged, Halo Upmix can be used with confidence that the original source integrity is precisely preserved in the downmix.
Natural extension
Powerful real-time analysis of the original stereo material identifies and extracts locational cues to naturally extend the panorama, leaving the inherent character of the original source intact.
Coherent spatial upmix
Full access to surround balances
Low frequency energy control
Clear visual feedback
Direct control over upmix parameters
No artificial reverb, chorus or delays
'Exact' downmix mode with in-place audition
Neural network dialog extraction
Powerful spatial analysis
Halo also includes a powerful spatial analysis view, intuitively showing the energy distribution of the upmixed panorama. Colour can additionally be used to indicate the speaker source for audio in any position, clearly indicating cases including phantom vs hard centre predominance.
Downmix compatibility
Because Halo Upmix generates a coherent spatial sound, you can be assured of a high-quality downmix. The 'exact' mode function ensures ultimate downmix performance in situations where maintaining the relationship between the original, upmixed and downmixed versions is imperative, for example in TV repurposing.
3D Immersive Extension
The optional 3D Immersive Extension introduces additional vertical controls via an expanded user interface including control over Ltm and Rtm placement for Dolby Atmos compatibility. An additional real-time analysis view is also included for the vertical dimension, showing energy distribution of the output audio. The enhanced upmix algorithm allows for simultaneous use of all the original features including dialog isolation and individual channel output control.

The 3D Immersive Extension is suitable for numerous applications including sound design, film score, restoration & archive, music and atmospheric soundscape production.
For Television
With surround delivery requirements becoming more and more common, Halo Upmix can be indispensable. Providing sophisticated control including neural network powered dialog isolation Halo transfroms time intensive workflows and improves output quality with ease.
For Film & Sound Design
With powerful control accessing every dimension of the upmix, Halo is indispensable for upmixing original and vintage scores - right up to Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D with the 3D Immersive extension.

Multiple instances in sound design and score work on synths, stereo FX archive and effects returns breath life and energy into the sound in ways that legacy delay and panning techniques can't approach - all with a solid reasurrance of a highly downmix compatible result.

With optional Ambisonic format output, Halo Upmix is equally at home when working in a VR and game audio environment.
To suit almost any situation
Upmixing includes LCR, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 & 7.1.

The Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Extension expands this to 7.1.2 and Ambisonic, and currently supports Avid Pro Tools (AAX) & Steinberg Nuendo (VST3) for Windows and OSX.
Typical applications
Stem and group upmixing
7.1 cinematic sound stage enhancement
TV stereo to surround upmixing with hard centre
Repurposing of original stereo for cinematic release
TV archive enhancement for 5.1 broadcast
Natural extension of original stereo panoramas and atmospheres
Upmix to Dolby Atmos compatible 7.1.2 bed track (3D Immersive Extension required)
Upmix to 1st, 2nd & 3rd order Ambisonic (AmbiX format) for VR applications (3D Immersive Extension required)

完全控制, 直观易用
从自然提取和扩展的音景到完整的电影大舞台增强, halo upmix 提供了所有的控制, 你需要微调你的环绕声混合到完美。随着独特的中心频道管理, 包括可切换的对话提取, halo upmix 是完美的所有类型的生产, 从档案恢复和电视, 直到完整的7.1 故事片体验。

可选的3d 扩展增加了杜比 atmos 床轨 (7.1.2) 和 auro 3d (7.1.4) 兼容性和 ambisonic 输出。

光环混合算法产生一个自然的, 连贯的空间升级, 保留原始音频的字符, 而不会添加任何人工混响, 合唱或延迟。

随着 "精确" 控制参与, 光明感可以放心地使用, 原始源完整性被精确地保存在下混结构中。
强大的实时分析原始立体声材料识别和提取位置线索, 自然扩展全景, 保持原始源的固有特性不变。
"精确" 的下混模式与就地试镜
光环还包括一个强大的空间分析视图, 直观地显示向上混合全景的能量分布。颜色还可以用来指示扬声器源的音频在任何位置, 清楚地表明的情况下, 包括幻影与硬中心优势。
可视 化
因为光环升级生成一个连贯的空间声音, 你可以放心的高品质下混。"精确" 模式功能可确保在必须保持原始版本、向上混合版本和下混版本之间的关系的情况下 (例如在电视重新用途时) 的最终下混性能。
3d 沉浸式扩展
可选的3d 沉浸式扩展通过扩展的用户界面引入了额外的垂直控制, 包括对 ltm 和 Ltm 放置的控制, 以实现杜比 atmos 兼容性。垂直尺寸还包括一个额外的实时分析视图, 显示输出音频的能量分布。增强的升级算法允许同时使用所有原始功能, 包括对话隔离和单个通道输出控制。

3d 沉浸式扩展适用于多种应用, 包括声音设计、胶片乐谱、修复和存档、音乐和大气声景制作。
随着环绕声交付要求变得越来越普遍, 光环升级可以是不可或缺的。提供复杂的控制, 包括神经网络供电的对话隔离光华传输耗时的工作流, 并轻松提高输出质量。
与强大的控制访问的每个维度的混合, 光环是不可或缺的混合原始和复古分数-直到杜比 atmos 和 auro 3d 与3d 沉浸式扩展。

声音设计和合成器上的分数工作中的多个实例, 立体声 fx 存档和效果以传统延迟和平移技术无法接近的方式将呼吸寿命和能量返回到声音中-所有这些都具有高度向下混合兼容的结果的坚实的结果.

与可选的 ambisonic 格式输出, halo upmix 是同样在家时, 在 vr 和游戏音频环境中工作。
高层混合包括 lcr、3.1、4.0、4.1、5.0、5.1、6.0、6.1、7.0 和7.1。

halo 升级3d 沉浸式扩展将其扩展到7.1.2 和 ambisonic, 目前支持 avid pro tools (aax) & steinberw nuendo (vst3) 的 windows 和 osx。
7.1 电影声级增强
5.1 广播的电视档案增强
升级到杜比大气兼容7.1.2 床沿 (需要3d 沉浸式延伸)
vr 应用的第1、第2和第3级 ambisonic (ambix 格式) 的升级 (需要3d 沉浸式扩展)