传奇模拟台宿主 Harrison Mixbus 32C 4 v4.0.703 版 PC 64位

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系统要求:PC 64位

Rediscover the Art of Mixing

Mixing – as a discipline and as an art – has come of age, but is by no means remaining static. Its continued growth and refinement require the support of equally mature technical products that can keep pace with (or stay ahead of) the demands of the business. At the heart of every successful studio is a mixing environment capable of meeting the tough production requirements of producers and engineers, and capable of adapting to the uniqueness of every artist and every work of art.

Why Harrison? The Record Speaks for Itself.

Over the last 40 years, Harrison consoles have earned, throughout the world, an enviable reputation for excellence. This is no accident. Such a level of acceptance can only be gained as a product proves its maturity through performance in the field. This real-time reputation is, without a doubt, the best measure of a product's true worth. For example, the world renowned Harrison 32C analog console was used on records by Michael Jackson "Thriller", Paul Simon "Graceland", Janet Jackson, AC/DC, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Genesis, Blondie, and Supertramp, to name a few, and was instrumental in establishing the sound of those amazing records. Many of those consoles are still in operation throughout the world.

Dynamic Maturity + Contemporary Mixing
Harrison Mixbus32C is as relevant today as the first Harrison 32 series consoles were 40 years ago. Harrison consoles are dynamically mature products – products that retain the benefits of long, successful experience while incorporating the best of all the new technology. Mixbus32C is designed in the most operationally ergonomic manner possible. Mixbus was hailed by the industry as a breakthrough for "in the box" mixing by incorporating decades of console building experience into a cost effective mixing platform for today. Mixbus32C takes that concept to the natural next step by using the full resources of today's technological advancements to precisely emulate not only the operational advantages, but to faithfully emulate the analog performance of the traditional analog console.

Operational Advantages
Because of the way the Mixbus32C mixer page is laid out, the most commonly used controls are displayed and are accessible at all times using a rich, high contrast, GUI design that gracefully and accurately emulates the original hardware version of the Harrison 32C console. This traditional layout not only looks good but allows the engineer to approach the console as if it were a musical instrument, directly affecting the art of mixing and contributing greatly to the success of any given mix.

Analog Performance
Harrison has pioneered the use of high performance computer technology over the last 20 years to provide unmatched processing power in the world's largest mixing environments. By keeping up with these incremental technological steps through the decades, Harrison can now faithfully emulate the beautifully designed analog signal processing designs of the past and incorporate them into a full function "True Analog" mixing console within the digital audio workstation environment.

More Equalization
Each Mixbus32C channel strip incorporates an exact emulation of the original Harrison 32C parametric four-band sweepable EQ with a separately switchable filter section including second order high-pass and low-pass filters. Every resistor, capacitor, and transistor was modeled. To run this complex DSP on every channel strip was impossible just 5 years ago.

More Buses
Mixbus32C provides 12 stereo mix buses, each with individual level control, latency compensation, and associated master channel incorporating the highly successful Harrison tape saturation, bus compression, and tone control functionality.

Some Mixbus32C Features

Straightforward "knob per function" mixer layout based on Harrison's renowned 32-series music consoles
Precise emulation based on Harrison's famous 32 series analog console circuit designs
Precision algorithms for EQ, Filter, Compression, Analog Tape Saturation, and Summing
Fourth-generation Harrison "True Analog Mixing™" processing engine with enhanced compressor/limiter algorithms; built-in sidechain busing, and increased plugin flexibility
The Mixbus32C engine is internally dithered, ramped, and gain staged so that sound quality is preserved as close to analog as possible
Unlimited stereo or mono input channels, each with unlimited plugins, sends, and hardware inserts. (limited only by CPU and disc speed)
Unlimited MIDI tracks, each with virtual instrument support, unlimited plugins, sends and inserts
Polarity, Input trim, Sweepable 4-band EQ with second order HP and LP filters, Compression, and 12 mix bus sends on every track
Mixbus32C has an optimized signal flow with 12 stereo mix buses and a master bus, all featuring Tone controls, Compression, Sidechaining, and Analog Tape Saturation simulation
Stereo Master bus that features Tone controls, Analog Tape Saturation, K-meter, Stereo

混合 - 作为一门学科和一门艺术 - 已经成熟,但绝不是静止不变的。其持续发展和完善需要同样成熟的技术产品的支持,以跟上(或保持领先)业务的需求。每一个成功的工作室的核心是一个混合的环境,能够满足生产者和工程师的苛刻的生产要求,并能够适应每个艺术家和每件艺术品的独特性。


在过去的40年里,哈里森游戏机在全球赢得了令人羡慕的卓越声誉。这不是偶然的。这种接受程度只能通过产品在现场的表现证明其成熟度才能获得。毫无疑问,这个实时声誉是产品真正价值的最佳衡量标准。例如,世界着名的Harrison 32C模拟调音台被Michael Jackson“Thriller”,Paul Simon“Graceland”,Janet Jackson,AC / DC,ABBA,Queen,Led Zeppelin,ELO,Genesis,Blondie和Supertramp使用,仅举几例,并有助于建立这些惊人的记录的声音。这些游戏机中的许多在世界各地仍在运行。

今天Harrison Mixbus32C与第一台Harrison 32系列游戏机在40年前相关。哈里森调音台是动态成熟的产品 - 保留长期,成功经验的好处,同时结合所有新技术的最好的产品。 Mixbus32C采用最符合人体工程学的设计。通过将数十年的控制台建设经验整合到当今成本效益好的混合平台中,Mixbus被业界誉为“箱内”混音的突破。通过利用当今技术进步的全部资源,Mixbus32C将这一概念带入了自然的下一步,不仅精确模拟了操作优势,而且还真实地模拟了传统模拟控制台的模拟性能。

由于Mixbus32C混音器页面的布置方式,最常用的控制器可以随时显示,并且可以使用丰富,高对比度的GUI设计,从而优雅而准确地模拟Harrison 32C控制台的原始硬件版本。这种传统的布局不仅看起来不错,而且让工程师可以像操纵乐器一样接近控制台,直接影响混音的艺术,并为任何混音的成功做出巨大贡献。


每个Mixbus32C通道条包含原始Harrison 32C参数化四频段可扫描均衡器的精确仿真,以及包括二阶高通和低通滤波器的可单独切换的滤波器部分。每一个电阻,电容和晶体管都被建模了。在5年前,在每个通道条上运行这个复杂的DSP是不可能的。



第四代哈里森“真正的模拟混合™”处理引擎,具有增强的压缩器/限制器算法;内置的sidechain busing,增加了插件的灵活性
无限制的立体声或单声道输入通道,每个通道都具有无限的插件,发送和硬件插入。 (仅受CPU和光盘速度限制)
极性,输入微调,具有二阶HP和LP滤波器的Sweepable 4频段均衡器,压缩和每个轨道上的12个混音总线发送