经典音乐制作软件 MOTU Digital Performer v10.11 PC

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Digital Performer 10
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Clips window — Drag and drop audio and MIDI clips from DP's new Content Browser into Clips window cells and trigger them in real time, interactively, for live performance or on-the-fly inspiration while creating new material.
Stretch Audio — Use the new Stretch edit layer in audio tracks to drag individual beats and their anchor points to make precision adjustments for exactly the right feel. For global tempo control, simply enable Stretch mode on a per-track basis and the entire audio track instantly conforms to the project tempo and time line, even with gradual tempo changes over time. ZTX PRO™ technology from Zynaptiq™ ensures the highest possible audio quality throughout.
Beat Detection 2.0 — Enhanced beat detection engine makes it easy to conform imported rhythmic audio to the project tempo by just dropping it into the track.
VCA faders — As with classic analog consoles of years past, VCA faders can control any number of tracks, precisely maintaining their relative volume. You can create as many VCA groups as you wish and even control VCAs with other VCAs to create multiple nested sub-groups. Mix automation can be applied to VCAs and sub-fader automation is maintained and scaled throughout.
MOTU Instruments soundbank — DP10 includes a 5 GB library of multi-sample acoustic instruments, synths, loops and phrases with over 300 different instruments, 1100 instrument presets and 500 loops. Included are acoustic and electronic drum kits, pianos, guitars and basses, along with church organs, electric organs, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, ethnic instruments, choirs, voices, percussion, sound effects and more. This versatile collection of instruments spans musical genres, eras, geographical regions and cultural styles.
Scalable UI — Today's high-resolution computer displays have very small pixels, making things tiny and hard to see. In DP10, you can now simply press command-plus and command-minus (control-plus and control-minus on Windows) to scale DP's entire UI larger or smaller to achieve the perfect degree of clarity for your eye.
Streamlined Waveform Editor — DP10's Waveform Editor has been completely redesigned to provide a streamlined, all-in-one environment for down-to-the-sample waveform editing, precision beat editing, elastic audio stretching, pitch correction, embedded tempo map editing and more.
Run command — Gain instant access to any feature in Digital Performer by simply typing shift-spacebar to open the Run Command text bar. When you start typing, all features matching what you type instantly appear.
Programmable skip buttons — DP's main transports can now skip forward and backward by musical increments, such as one beat, or two bars, or four bars.
Region menu presets — Save and create presets for Region menu operations, so you can to recall commonly applied settings quickly and easily. Specific presets can be recalled with assigned keystrokes or with the new Run Command window.
Enhanced grid snapping — Choose relative or absolute grid snapping when dragging MIDI and audio. Alternately, Auto Grid Snap sets the grid resolution automatically so you don't have to think about it.
Alternate tool — To speed editing, DP now offers both a primary and alternate tool, which you can switch between using the 'x' key to edit more quickly in situations where you are rapidly changing between two different tools in the tool palette.
MIDI note display preferences — MIDI notes can be displayed with greater detail, including their MIDI note name, to quickly identify the pitch and on-velocity of each note at a glance.


剪辑窗口-将 DP 新内容浏览器中的音频和 MIDI 剪辑拖放到剪辑窗口单元格中, 并以交互方式实时触发它们, 以便在创建新材料的同时进行实时性能或动态灵感。
拉伸音频-在音轨中使用新的拉伸编辑图层来拖动单个节拍及其锚点, 以进行精确调整, 获得恰到好处的感觉。对于全局节奏控制, 只需在每个轨道的基础上启用拉伸模式, 整个音轨立即符合项目节奏和时间线, 即使随着时间的推移, 节奏也会逐渐改变。ZTX PRO™技术来自 Zynaptiq™确保了整个过程中尽可能高的音频质量。
节拍检测2.0-增强的节拍检测引擎, 只需将导入到轨道上, 即可轻松地将导入的有节奏的音频与项目节奏保持一致。
VCA 加载器-与过去的经典模拟控制台一样, VCA 加载器可以控制任意数量的轨道, 精确地保持其相对音量。您可以根据需要创建任意数量的 VCA 组, 甚至可以使用其他 Vca 控制 Vca 来创建多个嵌套子组。混合自动化可应用于 Vca, 并在整个过程中维护和扩展子推子自动化。
MOTU 仪器音库-DP10 包括一个 5 GB 库的多样本声学仪器, 合成器, 环路和短语超过300种不同的仪器, 1100 仪器预设和500个循环。包括声学和电子鼓套件, 钢琴, 吉他和低音, 以及教会机构, 电器器官, 字符串, 黄铜, 木管乐器, 合成器, 民族乐器, 合唱团, 声音, 打击乐, 音效等。这种多功能的乐器收藏涵盖了音乐风格、时代、地理区域和文化风格。
可扩展的 UI-今天的高分辨率计算机显示器具有非常小的像素, 使事物变得微小且难以看到。在 DP10 中, 您现在只需按命令加和命令减 (Windows 上的控制加和控制减), 即可放大或缩小 DP 的整个 UI, 从而实现眼睛的完美清晰度。
简化的波形编辑器-Dp10 的波形编辑器已完全重新设计, 为下样本波形编辑、精确节拍编辑、弹性音频拉伸、音高校正、嵌入式提供了一个简化的一体化环境节奏地图编辑和更多。
运行命令-只需键入移位空格键即可打开 "运行命令" 文本栏, 即可即时访问数字执行者中的任何功能。当您开始键入时, 与您键入的内容相匹配的所有要素都会立即显示出来。
可编程跳过按钮-DP 的主传输现在可以通过音乐增量向前和向后跳来跳来跳去, 例如一个节拍、两个条形图或四个条。
区域菜单预设-保存并创建 "区域" 菜单操作的预设, 以便您可以快速、轻松地调用常用设置。可以使用指定的击键或新的 "运行命令" 窗口来调用特定预设。
增强的网格捕捉-在拖动 MIDI 和音频时选择相对或绝对网格捕捉。或者, 自动网格捕捉自动设置网格分辨率, 这样您就不必考虑它。
备用工具-为了加快编辑速度, DP 现在提供了一个主工具和备用工具, 您可以在使用 "x" 键之间切换, 以便在工具选项板中的两个不同工具之间快速更改的情况下更快地进行编辑。
MIDI 音符显示首选项-MIDI 音符可以显示更多的细节, 包括他们的 MIDI 音符名称, 以快速识别每个音符的音高和速度一目了然。