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超时空混响 United Plugins JMG Sound Hyperspace 1.6 PC

2020-1-19 10:20| 发布者: ajin| 查看: 155| 评论: 0

软件格式:VST, VST3, AAX x64
大小:11.1 mb


超空间允许您以快速直观的方式轻松创建自己的算法。从复古的盘子或经典硬件到超逼真的空间,或走出这个世界的空灵纹理。我们使用机器学习来限定超过 2000 万组值,并且只选择最佳值。所有你需要做的是简单地使用垫得到一个伟大的声音混响,这是独特的你。
混响经常会冲刷你的声音,并把它们推回来在混合失去焦点和清晰度。Hyperspace 为您提供 4 个非常有用的混合工具,可操作混响以完美融入混音。包括频谱噪声分离、闪避、瞬态恢复等,这些独特的处理器让您完全控制混响的形状。
Hyperspace 为您提供了对混响的惊人控制,界面使用简单。超级干净的背景消失,让你的眼睛专注于重要的控制,与颜色编码区,以帮助您快速找到你的方式周围的插件。GUI 也是可调整大小的和 HDPI 兼容的,因此它可以完美地安装在任何屏幕上。
Hyperspace 中的参数提供极值范围,为您提供最大的灵活性,同时将有用的值调整到控件的中心,从而使您能够快速找到该最佳位置。Wet & Dry 的单独控件可为您提供对混响平衡的最大控制,并带有一个链接选项,为您提供大多数其他插件中的典型混合行为。基于时间的参数可以同步到主机节奏,以获得预延迟和衰减切沟与节拍。
超过 300 个预设
没有 iLok,无需加密狗或互联网接入即可激活。我们的软件使用许可文件来激活您的软件。只要您是用户,您就可以在所有计算机上自由使用所购买的软件。

Hyperspace is an algorithmic reverb allowing the user to create algorithms made up of various processors. Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Cosmic modes let you combine various algorithms with endless possibilities. Hyperspace will enrich your tracks with myriads of colours.

Hyperspace Key Features
Custom Build Your Algorithms
Hyperspace allows you to easily create your own algorithms in a fast intuitive way. From vintage plates or classic hardware to super realistic spaces or out of this world ethereal textures. We used machine learning to qualify over 20 million sets of values and selected only the best. All you have to do is simply use the pads to get a great sounding reverb that is unique to you.
The Perfect Fit
Too often reverb can wash out your sounds and push them back in the mix losing focus and clarity. Hyperspace gives you 4 extremely useful mixing tools that manipulate your reverb to fit perfectly in your mix. Including spectral noise separation, ducking, transient recovery and more these unique processors give you complete control over the shape of your reverb.
Intelligent Randomization
The dice symbols are smart randomizers that dial in useful settings to give you great sounding reverbs in just one click. With 3 levels of randomness, you can use them to subtly change the character of your existing sound or unleash chaos to surprise and inspire you.
Intuitive Interface
Hyperspace gives you an amazing amount of control of your reverb, with a simple to use interface. The super clean background disappears letting your eyes focus on the controls that matter, with colour coded zones to help you quickly find your way around the plugin. The GUI is also resizable and HDPI compatible, so it will fit perfectly on any screen.
Smart Control
The parameters in Hyperspace offer extreme value ranges to give you the most flexibility possible while having the useful values tuned to the centre of the controls allowing you to find that sweet spot quickly. Separate controls for Wet & Dry give you maximum control over the balance of reverb, with a link option to give you the typical mix behaviour found in most other plugins. Time-based parameters can be synced to the host tempo to get predelay and decay grooving with the beat.
Over 300 Presets
Browse through a wide range of presets designed by pro sound designers and producers. Use them as a starting point, inspiration or convenience without slowing down your creative flow. Any way you choose to use them, they truly showcase the sonic beauty of Hyperspace. You can also use our super fast copy & paste preset function to share your creations with other Hyperspace users online.
Hassle-Free Software Protection
No iLok, no dongle nor internet access is required for activation. Our software uses licence files to activate your software. You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user.