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老牌经典音乐制作 MAGIX Samplitude Pro X5 Suite WIN版

ajin 2020-5-19 09:18 106人围观 编曲/录音/混音/母带软件

大小:1.1 GB

Samplitude Pro X 为记录和混合工程师提供实用的功能,彻底改变了标准 DAW 工作流程。实时编辑,在录制期间进行编辑。以自定义方式将效果应用于各个剪辑。可视化所选轨道的音量、频率和相位信息。同时使用批处理自动编辑多个文件。

新在Samplitude Pro X5套件: ARA2集成梅洛迪内和光谱仪专业比以前更无缝, MIDI多声表达支持现代控制器,如ROLI海岸和一个新的部分,以简化监控.节奏轨道功能支持集中控制不断变化的节奏和时间特征,自动化形状创建平滑曲线和Convology XT完成提供复古混响。其他仪器迷人的声音,完整的核心FX套件与基本效果和奖金音频软件捆绑包含在新的Samplitude Pro X5套件。

-新!ARA2 支持最新版本的塞莱蒙·梅洛迪内基本和其他
-新!MIDI 多音表达式,用于每个注释的其他参数
-新!康文 XT 完成无限复古混响单位 (2965 脉冲响应)

告别长达一米的电缆连接和昂贵的路由硬件 - Samplitude Pro X5 中的新监控部分提供了前所未有的灵活性。设置多个监视路径,并加载它们的效果。如果您愿意,请播放您的配置并集成对讲麦克风 - 使用鼠标或快捷方式可以轻松完成此操作。

新增功能!ARA2 支持
第二代ARA接口允许在Samplitude Pro X5和与ARA兼容的插件之间进行更全面的切换。 音频数据可以更快地交换出来,并允许更高效地进行实时编辑。在集成 Melodyne 时,耗时的传输是过去的事情,因为音频事件可以直接在这里打开。此外,ARA2 简化了多个轨道的同步编辑,并在剪辑之间进行干净过渡,而不会出现交叉淡入淡出。


新增功能!MIDI 多音表达式
使用 MIDI 多音表达式(简称 MPE),了解 MIDI 操作的未来。MPE 为每个音符分配一个专用的 MIDI 通道,允许并行调制,并且彼此独立。这样,兼容控制器(如 ROLI)海岸可以充分发挥其潜力。想要将俯仰弯曲应用于独奏,或使用持续方式降低和声?使用 MPE 是有可能的。

新的自动化选项在 Samplitude Pro X5 中处于前沿和中心位置。高级可视化工具为用户提供了对其音频材料的更好洞察。

- 视窗 10, 视窗 8 (64 位)
- 处理器:2 GHz
- 内存:4 GB
- 显卡:板载,最小分辨率 1024 x 768
- 可用驱动器空间:x GB 用于程序安装,20 GB 用于 Samplitude Pro X5,100 GB 用于 Samplitude Pro X5 套件
- 声卡:机上

Samplitude Pro X provides recording and mixing engineers with practical functions that revolutionize the standard DAW workflow. Edit in realtime, during recording. Apply effects in a custom way to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency and phase information for selected tracks. Use batch processing for the automated editing of multiple files simultaneously.

Brand new functions
New in Samplitude Pro X5 Suite: ARA2 integrates Melodyne and SpectraLayers Pro more seamlessly than before, MIDI Polyphonic Expression supports modern controllers such as ROLI Seaboard and a new section is included for simplifying monitoring. The tempo track functions enables centralized control of changing tempo and time signatures, Automation Shapes creates smooth curves and Convology XT Complete offers vintage reverb. Additional instruments for captivating sounds, the full coreFX Suite with essential effects and a bonus audio software bundle are included in the new Samplitude Pro X5 Suite.

- New! ARA2 supports the latest versions of Celemony Melodyne essential and others
- New! MIDI Polyphonic Expression for additional parameters per note
- New! Monitoring Section for switching between monitoring paths
- New! Automation Shapes for predefined curves
- New! WaveColor for spectral waveform display
- New! Dedicated Tempo Track function for automating tempo changes
- New! Convology XT Complete with unlimited vintage reverb units (2965 impulse responses)

New! Monitoring Section
Say goodbye to meter-long cable connections and expensive routing hardware – the new Monitoring Section in Samplitude Pro X5 offers unprecedented flexibility. Set up multiple monitoring paths and load them with effects. Play back your configurations and integrate a talkback mic if you like – this can be done easily using the mouse or shortcuts.

New! ARA2 support
A second-generation ARA interface allows for more comprehensive switching between Samplitude Pro X5 and ARA-compatible plug-ins. Audio data can be swapped out faster and allows for more efficient editing in realtime. Time-consuming transfers are a thing of the past when integrating Melodyne, since audio events can be opened directly here. In addition, ARA2 simplifies simultaneous editing of multiple tracks and clean transitions between clips without crossfades.

New! Tempo Track
Tempo now has its own track. Use automations to create elegant transitions between slow and fast passages. Set additional buttons as helpful markers for beat and tempo change.

New! MIDI Polyphonic Expression
With MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE for short), discover the future of MIDI operation. MPE assigns each note a dedicated MIDI channel, which allows for parallel modulation simultaneously and independently of each other. This way, compatible controllers such as the ROLI seaboard can output their full potential. Want to apply pitch bend to a solo or bring down harmonies using sustain? It's all possible with MPE.

Full control, everything in view
New options for automation are front and center in Samplitude Pro X5. Advanced tools for visualization offer users a better insight into their audio material.

System Requirements:
- Windows 10, Windows 8 (64-bit)
- Processor: 2 GHz
- RAM: 4 GB
- Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
- Available drive space: x GB for program installation, 20 GB for Samplitude Pro X5, 100 GB for Samplitude Pro X5 Suite
- Sound card: Onboard