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老式多段压缩 Lindell 354E v1.0 WiN









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软件格式:Win32/64; AAX*, VST3, VST


The Lindell 354E is a multiband model of the most famous vintage diode bridge compressor, the Neve 2254E, precisely replicating its distinctive behavior and rich sonic character in each of its three bands. But in practical use, the 354E really is two compressors in one: Turn on its Nuke mode to radically shape individual tracks, and turn it off for lighter, more nuanced compression when mastering or for surgical mixing. Both modes yield the same lush coloration and smooth presence that made the 2254E one of the most revered and highly sought after compressors in the world.

The 354E is one of the very best plugins you can use to compress drums, electric guitars, and rock vocals. Unlike its single-banded cousin, the 254E, three independent compression bands (Low, Mid and High), powerful Nuke mode, and Niveau and highpass sidechain filters let you dramatically reshape tracks for maximum size, punch and bottom-end weight. And with an adjustable attack time as fast as 2μsec (two millionths of a second), the 354E is one of the fastest compressors available, capable of shaping sounds in extreme ways most other compressors can only dream of.

Fatten Up Individual Tracks

The 354E’s Nuke mode is the poster child for rock ‘n’ roll excess. It’s like throwing TNT on drum room mics. Use Nuke mode to explode the room ambience and make the drums pump like a jackhammer. Use the built-in filters to shield bass frequencies from compression, inflating the kick drum in the room mics to monster size. Then adjust the three bands’ ratio and gain controls to balance the level of hi hat and cymbals with that of the trap drums for the perfect blend.

The 354’s Niveau filter and Nuke mode are also your tickets to making thin-sounding floor and rack toms thunder with deep, long sustain and rock vocals hyperventilate with urgency. The 354E will also quickly become your go-to guitar-track shaper: on electric guitar vamps, the multiband controls and filters let you compress the bottom and top strings’ output to different degrees to boost chunky, palm-muted bass notes or blazing, high chords to the front of the mix. Compress heavily to add intensely colorful character, and then use the Mix control to dial some pristine dry signal back into the 354E’s output for the perfect blend of mayhem and detail.

Mix and Master with Kid Gloves

When you turn off Nuke mode, the 354E takes on the highly nuanced behavior needed for master-bus compression and mastering. Use the 354E’s mild 1.5:1 ratio to add solidifying glue to mixes. Kick in the Niveau filter to add punch, fullness and weight to the bottom end of thin mixes. Use the 354E’s M/S (mid-side) mode to compress hard-panned guitars without affecting the kick drum, bass and lead vocals. Calibrate the 354E’s internal operating levels to adapt to any mastering situation and handle the hottest or weakest mix with equal ease and grace. A and B workspaces let you compare alternate control setups for perfect, nuanced results.

Whether using it to pump up individual tracks to ginormous size, add density to full mixes, or apply subtle surgical compression to correct imbalanced masters, the versatile Lindell 354E is your paint brush for colorful vintage sound.

Activate the fully functional 14-day demo with your Plugin Alliance account today to hear for yourself (no dongle required)!

Legal Disclaimer: Neve and 2254E are registered trademarks of AMS/Neve Inc.  The Lindell 354E was developed by Lindell Audio based on its own modeling techniques. AMS/Neve has not endorsed nor sponsored the 354E in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.

Lindell 354E是最着名的老式二极管桥式压缩机的多频段模型,Neve 2254E精确地复制了其独特的行为和丰富的声带,在其三个频带中的每一个。但在实际应用中,354E真的是两台压缩机:打开Nuke模式,彻底地塑造各个轨道,并且在掌握或外科手术混合时将其压缩更轻,更细微。这两种模式产生了相同的郁郁葱葱的色彩和平稳的存在,使2254E成为世界上最受尊敬和最受追捧的压缩机之一。

354E是您可以用来压缩鼓,电吉他和摇滚人声的最好的插件之一。与其单带表亲不同,254E,三个独立的压缩乐队(低,中,高),强大的Nuke模式,以及Niveau和高通侧链过滤器可让您大幅重塑轨道,实现最大尺寸,打孔和底端重量。 354E是可用的最快的压缩机之一,能够以2微秒(二百万分之一秒)的可调节的攻击时间,以极大的方式整形声音,大多数其他压缩机只能梦想。



354的Niveau过滤器和Nuke模式也是您的机票,使紧致的深层,长持续和摇滚歌曲超通气,使薄层的地板和架子雷声雷鸣。 354E也将迅速成为您的吉他轨道整形器:在电吉他vamp,多频带控制和滤波器让您压缩底部和顶部弦乐的输出到不同的程度,以提高粗糙,棕榈色的低音音符或燃烧,高和弦前面的混合。大量压缩以增加丰富多彩的角色,然后使用混合控制将一些原始的干燥信号重新回到354E的输出中,以完美混合混乱和细节。


当您关闭Nuke模式时,354E具有主站总线压缩和母带控制所需的高度精细的行为。使用354E的轻微1.5:1比例加入固化胶混合。在Niveau过滤器中加入冲头,丰满度和重量,使其成为薄混合物的底端。使用354E的M / S(中端)模式来压缩硬平衡吉他,而不会影响踢鼓,低音和主唱。校准354E的内部操作级别,以适应任何掌握情况,并以同样的方式和优雅处理最热或最弱的组合。 A和B工作区可让您比较替代控制设置,实现完美,细微的结果。

无论使用它将个人曲目抽出到巨大的尺寸,添加浓度到完整的混合,或应用微妙的手术压缩来纠正不平衡的主人,通用的Lindell 354E是您的油漆刷多彩复古的声音。


法律免责声明:Neve和2254E是AMS / Neve Inc.的注册商标。Lindell 354E是由Lindell Audio根据自己的建模技术开发的。 AMS / Neve没有以任何方式赞同或赞助354E,也没有授权在此产品中使用的知识产权。



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